Our campus continues to be a “work in progress” with construction of the terrace adjacent to the Parish Life Center but we have come a long way! You will find the meeting rooms spacious and beautiful and the office floor is fully functional. We are so thankful for this beautiful facility. Please refer to the Campus Map to see that there are two Entrance Points to the Parish Life Center…one is the Main Entrance which is near the Tremont Street vestibule of the church. At this entrance you will find the mailbox for the Parish Life Center (2203 W. Market St) and one flight access to the meeting rooms, rest rooms and elevator. The Elevator Entrance is on the back corner of the PLC on the same side as the main entrance…you may take the elevator to the meeting room floor and rest rooms or to the 3rd floor offices.  During regular office hours, press the bell button on the keypad to gain entrance.

Campus Map