Our Lady of Grace traditionally offers the Sacrament of Confirmation in the 8th grade year or at age 14 or older.
Please note that adults wishing to start preparation for Confirmation should contact our Director of Adult Catechesis, Amanda Mast, amast@olgchurch.org.

Confirmation preparation is a two-year program. A teen approaching the celebration of Confirmation begins by enrolling in the parish’s religious education program (offered on Sunday mornings between Masses from 10:30-11:30am) or by participating in a Catholic school or approved home school faith formation class. They attend this program for the duration of their 7th and 8th grade formation years. In the second year, the candidates for Confirmation also participate in proximate preparation through immersion experiences or retreats several months before they celebrate Confirmation.

To sign up for proximate Confirmation preparation for 8th graders (for Spring 2018) contact our youth minister, Amanda (amast@olgchurch.org) or sign up on the online form HERE. Initial Registration for Confirmation begins in the 8th grade. Please make sure that all 8th graders have registered for both Religious Education (please contact Rachel Yarbrough, ryarbrough@olgchurch.org) and for proximate Confirmation preparation with Amanda Mast.


Registration for proximate Confirmation preparation begins August 6th, 2017 with Amanda Mast:

  • Check back here soon for additional dates and information for an Introductory Meeting and additional meetings in which the person to be confirmed will be prepared to receive this sacrament!

In addition, we will need:

  • Baptismal certificate (An official signed and stamped copy mailed from the church of Baptism to OLG.)
  • Saint’s name that is chosen by the candidate for their Confirmation name (this may be picked by Dec 1st)
  • Sponsor name & a letter from his/her pastor stating that the sponsor is a practicing Catholic [online form]

The actual date of Confirmation will be posted as soon as it is passed on to us by the diocese. It is generally celebrated mid-week during the Easter season or soon after.

We look forward to having our teens join us in this journey of sacramental and personal growth!